Drawing from Life | Capturing the Dimensions of Experience

Life is a moving mosaic of fleeting moments and experiences. For artist Gerrit Handl, it serves as a boundless source of inspiration. Through his masterful strokes and creative vision, he transforms life’s moments into captivating drawings that resonate with the soul.

Gerrit’s artistic vision is grounded in the philosophy of embracing the present moment. Surfing has taught him to commit entirely to the fleeting instant, just as a wave dissolves into whitewater. It is this transient dance that he rediscovers in the process of drawing and where he gathers profound insights to translate onto paper.

For Gerrit, the line is not just a mark on paper; it is the start of a visual communication, capable of conveying emotions and experiences with incredible precision. His unique use of tonal value complements the language in his mesh of linework, bringing depth and intimacy to his drawings. Through this approach, he masterfully composes the human figure, revealing a tapestry of personal stories and intimate moments that come alive during the act of observation.

Unfettered by the confines of popular art movements, Gerrit’s work is a pure expression of his personal experiences. Rooted in the human presence, his art thrives on the tradition and history of life’s depiction and the ever-evolving portrayal of the human figure in art.

At the heart of Gerrit’s creations lies a profound understanding of visual communication. Each drawing becomes a vessel, connecting the artist’s perception of the world to the viewer’s own experiences. Delving into postures and emotions, he unravels narratives that go beyond the artist and the model, allowing anyone who gazes upon his art to decipher the unspoken reactions and feelings within the intricate lines and marks.

With every gesture in the drawing he commits, Gerrit translates his observations into a tangible representation of life’s intricate dance. Beyond the realm of art, his personal life intertwines with his creative process, as he draws lines while moving through space on the faces of waves while surfing. It is through these dual experiences that Gerrit forges an unbreakable bond between the art he creates and the life he lives.

With his drawings from life, Gerrit Handl crafts a mesmerizing world on paper, inviting us to glimpse the dimensionality of existence. With the stroke of his pencil, he invites us to surf the waves of emotion, immerse ourselves in the beauty of human connection, and read the unspoken stories that flow from his art. Through the medium of drawing, he captures the essence of life itself, creating an awe-inspiring symphony of lines that resonates with the hearts of all who behold it.